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Sushi 426

Sushi 426 offers you delicious food, prepared only with fresh and healthy ingredients.
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Sushi 426

Sushi 426

In our restaurant Sushi 426 we have prepared a delicious menu for our customers, who will enjoy the variety of Japanese dishes that we offer in our menu. We also offer a home delivery service where you can enjoy our delicious dishes from the comfort of your own home. Don't think it more and contact our service through our website or by phone.

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Quality score

  • John D. LaSalle

    John D. LaSalle John D. LaSalle

    -Food is amazing! Get it delivered-
  • typical taurus

    typical taurus typical taurus

    -I ordered from there randomly without any expectations and my mind is absolutely blown away by my experience. This is the freshest sushi I’ve had in Montreal, and I can’t explain how delicious everything was. I literally needed to come out here and leave a review to support because now, I will never be able to be to eat sushi from another place. Yes, it’s that great. I’m in awe. This place has created a new need for me, because the quality and taste is so good and fresh. It’s simply amazing, thank you to the team!-
  • Geneviève Menear

    Geneviève Menear Geneviève Menear

    -Excellent sushi et excellent service-
  • Karine Cicchinelli

    Karine Cicchinelli Karine Cicchinelli

    -Best I've had yet, equal only to another sushi place I used to order from. 10/10 definitely will order again-
  • Nicolas Buduroi

    Nicolas Buduroi Nicolas Buduroi

    -Great sushi, always fresh and tasty.-
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