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Sushi 426

Sushi 426 offers you delicious food, prepared only with fresh and healthy ingredients.
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Sushi 426

Sushi 426

In our restaurant Sushi 426 we have prepared a delicious menu for our customers, who will enjoy the variety of Japanese dishes that we offer in our menu. We also offer a home delivery service where you can enjoy our delicious dishes from the comfort of your own home. Don't think it more and contact our service through our website or by phone.

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Quality score

  • Moana Ladouceur

    Moana Ladouceur Moana Ladouceur

    -Great sushi. HOWEVER, beware of the delivery guy!!! He always hands you the interac machine at the "tip by percentage" screen. This means you can't see the amount he entered into the machine, and you can't choose to tip by amount. I'm pretty sure that's illegal? He's basically trying to scam you for more tip. I'd give 5 stars because the food is great, but this guy's unprofessional behaviour has caught me by surprise more than once, and I only realize what he did after he's gone. Pretty infuriating.-
  • Nicolas Buduroi

    Nicolas Buduroi Nicolas Buduroi

    -Great sushi, always fresh and tasty.-
  • Scott Blair

    Scott Blair Scott Blair

    -Excellent sashimi and California rolls. They are geared for take out, but potentially could be an outstanding sit-down restaurant.-
  • Sharon Lam

    Sharon Lam Sharon Lam

    -sushi is good here! It’s a little pricy but everything is made nicely and taste delicious. This is my home go to sushi spot! Only downside is sometimes during lunch there is a man that serves you that has a bad attitude. Other then that, i love this sushi joint! Lots of takeout, not too many dine in.-
  • Emile Mathieu

    Emile Mathieu Emile Mathieu

    -Very tasty sushi. A bit pricier than other places but I think it's worth it. One of the friendliest staff.-
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